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With all the support you could want from advanced features, the Innov-is NV1800Q lets you add your own flourish and flair to sewing and quilting.

With sophisticated features in a compact package, the Innov-is NV1800Q allows your imagination to run riot, there’s a clear LCD screen.  The touch sensor keypad allows you to enter the number of the stitch you'd like to use. And 'My Custom Stitch' lets you design your own decorative stitches and save them to memory.

Key Features and Functions:

  • 99 Utility stitches ~ including 10 automatic one-step buttonhole styles.
  • 133 decorative stitches
  • 5 built-in fonts ~ 3 alphabetic, 1 Cyrillic, 1 Japanese.
  • Large Clear KCD screen ~ displays stitch details and machine settings.
  • Touch sensor keypad ~ with direct stitch selection - simply enter the number of the required stitch you would like to use.
  • My Custom Stitch ~ design your own decorative stitches and save them to memory for future use.
  • Customised stitch settings ~ adjust stitch length, width and tension settings and save them to memory.
  • Sidewise feed ~ for multi-directional sewing in four directions. Sews extra-large decorative stitches up to 40mm wide.
  • Square Feed Drive System (SFDS) ~ the enhanced SFDS provides strong, smooth feed for optimum stitch quality.
  • Wide table ~ Expand the sewing area with this extra-large extension table. Ideal for large quilting and sewing projects. The table includes a measurement guide and storage area for your knee lift.
  • Slide speed ~ slide speed control adjusts speed from slow to fast. This can also be set to alter stitch width whilst sewing.
  • Presser foot up/down button ~ the presser foot up/down button is conveniently located on the front of the machine.
  • Lockstitch button ~ at the touch of a button, tie-off stitches can be easily sewn at the beginning and end of the stitch. When pressing the button while sewing a decorative stitch, the machine will stop automatically after completing the motif.
  • Knee lift ~ Free up your hands by using the kneelift to raise/lower the presser foot. Ideal for working on large projects such as quilts.
  • Advanced needle threading system ~ simply follow the thread guide, lower the lever and the needle is threaded for you.
  • ICAPS ~ ICAPS fabric sensor system continuously detects fabric thickness while sewing and automatically adjusts pressure to ensure even stitch quality over different fabric thicknesses.
  • Pivot function ~ the presser foot automatically lifts as the needle remains lowered. Allows the fabric to be turned quickly and accurately.
  • LED lighting ~ Extra-bright LED lighting to illuminate your work area with a clean, natural light.


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